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Parties have say on pa enua project

Tuesday May 29, 2018 Written by Published in Politics

Here is the next topic we posed to the political parties ahead of next month's general election.

From now until the general election, CI News will be submitting questions to the three major political parties regarding their policies on various issues. Readers with questions they would like us to ask, should email them to the editor of CI News: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

One Cook Islands

We would say good luck to Tepaki’s plan and hope that he will prove us all wrong when he gets his plan off the ground!

Cook Islands Party

The government is not party to this proposal. Also, our compliance to good governance principles guides our party to influence government to observe the law and not support any form of direct government involvement or guarantee for private investment sector initiatives. Supporting via infrastructure development where feasible and warranted and applying for business investment exemptions are facilities already available to joint local and foreign investors with our Business Trade and Investment Board.

Democratic Party

It is important to look at all opportunities for growth. However, these opportunities must be run through the filter of alignment with our broader goals and beliefs.

Tourism, while an important source of income to the Cook Islands, is not the “magic bullet” to all. The environments, culture and lifestyles of the Pa Enua are fragile and it is essential that the people have a say in their own future without imposing a universal and potentially detrimental solution to those communities.

It is difficult to know exactly what the Paradise Property Plan involves currently as the only thing released has been rhetoric and promises of riches. However, the track record of previous projects and the potential partnership with Chinese investors does not bode well for future success or adherence to cultural sensitivity.

Our plan for the economic development of the Pa Enua includes consultation with the communities, research and sound planning for sustainable economic growth whether that be in tourism or another income stream. This project does not appear to align with those plans.