Betrayed by his own party, says George

Wednesday May 02, 2018 Written by Published in Politics

The Demo Party “sat” on Norman George’s nomination papers to contest his old Atiu electorate of Tengatangi -Areora- Ngatiarua and didn’t tell him he had lost out to 22-year-old Tehani Brown till last Sunday, George says.


“I lost the nomination in my old electorate of Tengatangi- Areora-Ngatiarua to a 22-year-old woman, Tehani Brown who is the daughter of Taoro and Rose Strickland Brown,” he said in a letter to CINews yesterday.

“She is straight out of school, with no experience, with a long history of ill health.

“The reason given for her selection is that she is a surrogate candidate to keep the seat warm for her father Taoro Stickland Brown, who is serving out his five-year ban for a criminal conviction for receiving stolen cigarettes valued at $13,000 in 2014.

“Neither father nor daughter are members of the Democratic Party.”

George says he is not only a registered member of the Demo Party and one of the founders of

the original Democratic Party headed by the late Papa Tom Davis, but also served in the electorate as a Demo MP for 20 years. He says he only left after an internal dispute.

He says the Demo Party have totally ignored his skills and success as a former minister.

“The caucus and executive who made the final selection over-rode the party constitution and allowed a surrogate appointment, ready to welcome into the fold a convicted criminal - if their arrangement works. One of their top policy subjects is tackling corruption and setting up a new crime-busting bureau.

“What a great start! The Demos have a great brain trust issue here.”

George said when the Demo Party decided against selecting him to contest the seat, no-one had possessed the courage to tell him.

“They sat on my nomination papers until I called one of the party chairmen on Sunday morning, one day before nominations closed.

“I keep thinking, what would have happened if I had not enquired?

“These people cannot be trusted and they want to be a better government than the last lot.

“If you cannot do the little things right, how can you handle the big ones? They lack loyalty, integrity and the qualities of past members.”

George says he is disappointed that the political party he helped form has “lost it”.

“Their performances in parliament were pitiful, their conduct and discipline at our meetings were pathetic, the noisiest MPs were the worst performers in parliament. There is no leadership in the Democratic Party - everyone is a leader.”

George said he had decided to stand as an independent candidate, not affiliated to any political party.

“I will be neutral, and will feel free to form the next government with the approval of my electors. I will support MPs who have intelligence and talent, who are loyal to the electors and our great island nation, and have complete honesty and integrity.” 

“I’ll be back on June 14. Watch this space!”

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