CIP anger fuelled Brown’s defection

Wednesday May 02, 2018 Written by Published in Politics

A frustrated Taoro Brown says the row over his wife, MP Rose Brown’s decision to leave the CIP and stand as an independent on Atiu is a result of CIP president Nga Jessie’s anger against him.


He says Jessie is furious that Taoro and Rose’s daughter, Tehani Brown, is contesting the June 14 election as a Demo candidate in Tengatangi-Areora-Ngatiarua.

The seat is currently held by the CIP government’s health minister, Nandi Glassie and is now also being contested by former MP and cabinet minister, Norman George.

After losing out on the Demo nomination to Tehani Brown, a “disappointed” George decided to go independent under the banner of “Alternative Must Ravenga Openga”, the name apparently signifying that the 2018 election to be held on June 14, is his “last stand” in politics.

Taoro Brown says he has an audio-video recording of a meeting held on Atiu last Thursday, attended by Rose and the president and vice-president of the Atiu CIP, that proves Jessie is not telling the truth regarding the circumstances of Rose’s decision to resign from the CIP and stand as an independent in the Atiu seat of Teenui-Mapumai.

At the meeting Rose was told CIP leaders wanted her to stay as a Cook Islands Party candidate.

He says minutes of those meeting, which CINews have sighted, back up the verbal evidence in his recording.

“Jessie signed Rose’s candidate nomination – we were told on Thursday it had been signed,” he says. “Then he said he wouldn’t lodge the nomination until our daughter withdrew from the election. And then he rubbed out his signature, as you can see on both an original copy and a photocopy.

“It wasn’t until last Saturday we were told that the CIP wouldn’t accept Rose Brown’s nomination because our daughter was standing against Nandi Glassie.

“The whole thing was nothing to do with me at all. I have no issues with the CIP. It’s all about Jessie and Nandi’s anger that our daughter is standing against Glassie. He can’t afford to lose his seat and he’s desperate to avoid that.”

Brown said finance minister Mark Brown had remarked in a television interview that it was “silly” if the members of one family stood for different parties in the election.

“But he forgets that it has been done before, and there wasn’t a big fuss about it then.

“Back in the ‘80s, Pupuki Robati stood for the Demos, while his daughter Tina Browne, who is now the leader of the Democratic Party, stood for the CIP.”

Last Sunday, Rose Brown said it was sad that the democratic right of the people of Teenui-Mapumai had been denied by the Raro CIPs, in particular Glassie and his secretary Man Unuia.

“It may now come to pass that the CIP will lose two seats in Atiu.”

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