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Demos standing up against corruption

Monday April 16, 2018 Written by Published in Politics

In the lead-up to the June 14 general election, the Democratic Party has promised to establish an independent committee against corruption.


The committee will introduce a code of conduct for Members of Parliament and also cabinet ministers.

The party has previewed a snippet of their policy manifesto, posting a list of five of their election aims on Facebook last Thursday.

According to the post, the party’s aspirations include a drive to fix Cook Islands infrastructure, with a focus on roads and drainage.

The manifesto preview said “proper tendering processes” would be put in place for infrastructure projects, in an effort to address issues around conflict of interest.

The Te Mato Vai Project was also an area of concern for the Demos. They stated that they would compensate landowners who have been affected by Te Mato Vai and an independent audit of the project’s spending was also promised.

Outer island residents will be interested in the Demos’ promise to invest $5million into a “stimulus package” focussing on the diversification of the primary industries, including agriculture.

The manifesto preview said the package would include “concessional interest-rate loans”, meaning lower interest rates would be charged.

The money will be a part of a revolving fund which the Demo Party says will help with diversification “if tourism collapses”. The party also aimed to have doctors and dentists on all islands, the preview said.

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