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PM to attend ‘smart island’ meeting in Spain

Tuesday April 10, 2018 Written by Published in Politics

Prime minister Henry Puna is expected to attend the Smart Island World Congress (SIWC) later this month.


The event is being held in Mallorca and is supported by various organisations including Fira de Barcelona, Barcelona’s trade fair institution.

Spain’s Balearic Archipelago has vast experience in managing the seasonality, natural environment, and mass development of a major tourist sector.

The congress brings together experts from all around the world, including a number of prominent international speakers and will feature many events. Participants will explore the opportunities that can arise from the unique challenges facing islands.

It is only the second time a SIWC event has been held. The congress aims to bring international island leaders, experts, authorities, and companies together to identify specific solutions to address some of the challenges that islands now face. Topics such as smart and sustainable tourism, talent and economic growth, connectivity, infrastructure, clean and renewable energy, climate change and resiliency will all be discussed.

Over 95 speakers are scheduled to attend the meeting and most are regarded as experts in their sectors. They will discuss how to enhance relations between island territories while addressing challenges such as tourism, climate change, competitiveness, and innovation.

A new feature of the congress this year will be an event titled ‘Island2Island’, which will allow the participating islands to arrange meetings with each other and also with participating companies. The purpose of these meetings will be to establish commercial relationships and to identify potential business opportunities.

Awards will also be presented during the congress for the categories of “smart island”, “smart destination”, and “sustainable development”.

The congress runs from April 23-24.

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