Demos haven’t changed: Brown

Monday April 24, 2017 Written by Published in Politics

New Democratic Party leader Tina Browne has lapsed into the “same old rhetoric” that previous Demo leaders have used, says Finance minister Mark Brown.


Responding to a front page story in Saturday’s CI News in which Browne declared the present government would be “turfed out” at the next election, the Finance minister countered with a media release saying that while many people had thought the new leader would inject some new life and new ideas into the “floundering” Demo organisation, her comments sounded like a broken record.

He said Browne should display real leadership by thinking “with her head and not her mouth”, before making wild accusations to justify her election as leader.

“It seems like nothing much has changed other than a general complaint about travel, parliamentary sitting days and so-called poor performance.

“Her comments that no Democratic Party government will treat parliament with contempt rings hollow and empty when one considers the Demo opposition tried to hijack parliament last June under the direction of Norman George, an action beamed live on TV for all to see and held by the Court to have had no constitutional basis.

“Then during the last parliamentary sitting in September 2016, the Demo opposition acted in contempt of parliament by failing to attend the summons of the QR.

“They then compounded their contempt of parliament by taking the Speaker to court because they wanted to overturn the Speaker’s decision made in Parliament.  “On top of that she conveniently forgets the time when the Demos were in government and held Parliament to ransom using six MPs to run the country and refusing to go to parliament for a whole year.”

Brown said he would let the results of the government’s performance demonstrate the success of the present government.

“We have passed far more legislation than the Demo government ever did during their time. Our economic performance as a country is at record levels, the northern group islands have been enjoying uninterrupted electricity (supply) for the past two years and more, our debt position is the envy of the rest of the Pacific.

 “Our social welfare programme is regarded with reverence by other countries; our ability to design, lead and own our development objectives are a matter of pride for our people.

“These have been driven and made possible by the very same hard working people in our government departments that Browne denigrates by saying they are poor performers. Need I say more?”

While the new Demo leader had claimed the party’s voice was not being heard in public, Brown said he thought the public will agree with him that the less heard from the Demo camp the better. That was particularly so if their MPs’ “misguided and delusional rantings” were anything to go by.

“As the new leader of the Demos, Browne should be telling the public who will speak for her in parliament.

“This person will no doubt be appointed as the leader of the opposition in Parliament.

“Will she stick to Rose Brown and keep her One Cook Islands coalition partners happy, knowing as a lawyer that she will be ineffective because of the recent Court ruling on the party-hopping legislation?

“Or will she appoint James Beer who was a clear second place in the Demo conference elections? “Either way she needs to make a choice and let the people know.

“I suspect Browne will discover that being a lawyer in the judicial chambers is a far different story to performing in the parliamentary chambers.”

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