Govt guilty of contempt and must go says Browne

Monday April 24, 2017 Written by Published in Politics

The government is going to be “turfed out at the next election because people are simply fed up with all the talk, the travel, and the poor performance at every department level”.


And Democrat leader Tina Browne added: “No Democrat government will treat parliament and the public with such contempt as the present government has done.

“It is simply unheard of …

Browne was responding to questions from CI News yesterday.

She said that by failing to ensure that parliament meets regularly, the present government has silenced the Democratic Party and failed in its obligation to the people.

“The Democratic Party has not been given the opportunity to speak in parliament.

“In other countries in the Pacific their governments put out a schedule of sittings for the year.

“MPs have advance notice and can plan the year accordingly.

“With the CIP government parliament is programmed around the prime minister and his ministers’ travel plans.

“We had maybe five days of sitting last year because ministers are spending more time overseas than here.

“It is just appalling.”

Browne said: “We have a team of people paid for a full year for a few days’ work.

“The people are not blind to this.”

“We have a host of laws that are out of date and need upgrading and the government was too busy going overseas or holding seminars and workshops.

“Our government has failed us big time. It is not a democracy any more.

“Our political system has failed.

“The voices of the people who marched the streets to stop purse seining has been ignored. Our people’s pension has been taken away, roadworks and basic infrastructure have failed.”

Browne said in the past two weeks there has been a hive of tar sealing in RAPPA and Takuvaine.

“People are not fools. They can see that tar sealing and gifting of donated machinery are intended to influence voters.

“Our people pay taxes and we expect to be provided with – at least, reasonably good roads but, because it is not a priority, nothing is done.

“Then, just before elections, we see band-aid tar-sealing happening and those responsible think they are doing a great job.

“These are basic services government is expected to provide to our people!”

Browne said: “It is not hard to attend to these things. All it needs is commitment and strength to do the hard work.”

More from the new Democrat leader in the CI News next week.

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