Opposition Unsurprised say sources

Saturday April 08, 2017 Written by Published in Politics

Sources in the Opposition say the PM’s announcement for a by-election for RAPPA comes as no surprise.

And they predict that “a snap election is inevitable as well”.

They say this was always on the cards following the court decision on RAPPA.

However, they accuse the PM of turning the situation into a “political showcase” by stating “government is seen to be doing the right thing.”

That’s ironic, they say,  given the government initiated the Albert Nicholas transfer in the first place “thereby potentially flouting anti party-hopping legislation to see how far they could bend the rules.”

The Opposition source says: “Nicholas has realised that this type of politicking is beyond his reasoning and states that he wants to go into parliament - and any future elections - with a sense of political certainty and has therefore given the seat back to allow his supporters to confirm and verify who he should represent.”

And CI News has been told while the whole scenario has already been looked at by the Opposition it is yet to determine whether or not it will contest the seat as originally intended. 

“Consideration for Rose Brown’s status as MP for Teenui Mapumai is also being looked at carefully. “The by-election announcement by the PM poses an interesting political move and it would make sense for the Opposition to follow suit and also consider declaring Brown’s seat vacant as well.“

The CI News understands this is currently being considered by legal advisers and officials of the Opposition.

“Once the PM confirms the by-election process for RAPPA, it is highly likely the Opposition will respond in kind to ensure due processes are followed and adhered to,” The CI News was told.

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