Opposition unfazed by judgment

Monday March 06, 2017 Written by Published in Politics

Opposition leader Rose Brown has remained positive following the announcement of the High Court’s decision regarding the RAPPA situation.


On Thursday the Cook Islands High Court dismissed an Opposition attempt to declare vacant Albert Nicholas’ parliamentary seat, saying the move could not have succeeded on the facts.

Brown said in a statement that while the judgment was disappointing and in favour of Nicholas, the opposition was not fazed by the decision, as it did not change the status of the seats in parliament.

“The status quo remains at 12/12 resulting in a hung parliament, so this matter is far from over.

“We have allowed the legal process to intervene and obviously, the outcome was not favourable but we are not going to sit back and cry over it.”

Brown said there was still a sense of optimism and determination within the team and in its favour.

“We do have other options which we will now consider in light of this decision.

“While acknowledging Albert Nicholas’ success, I would also like to thank my opposition colleagues and their legal team who worked extremely hard to expose deficiencies within our electoral and parliamentary system.

“At least now, this has been brought out in the open and will be under public scrutiny in future in terms of applying good governance principles.”

The important thing to remember was that the Democratic Party has utilised convention and legal processes to test the integrity of the principles of the Electoral Act,” Brown said.

“And that is something that we as parliamentarians will need to seriously consider to avoid any future repetition.

“For now, we are weighing up our options and I am pleased that our team, including our supporters, continues to remain positive, irrespective of the court’s decision.”

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