Leave the past and go forward, says PM

Wednesday October 12, 2016 Written by Published in Politics

THE BY-ELECTION in Aitutaki on Thursday is a chance for the people to put the past behind them, the Prime Minister Henry Puna said. 


The constituency of Arutanga/Reureu/Nikaupara can look forward to a united and solid future with the government, Puna added.

The Prime Minister reaffirmed that the Cook Islands Party approach since the general election of 2014 has been to “go forward’’ with a positive outlook, and build on a successful record of achievements.

“Government has progressed with significant change and instituted a wide range of initiatives and projects, which continue to provide opportunities for business growth, and improved social services.”

“I expect Tereapii Maki to play an important role alongside his CIP colleagues in Aitutaki to ensure the island is part of the government’s momentum to improve opportunities for the community, and the private sector. 

“Aitutaki is uniquely positioned to embark on a new era of growth with Tereapii added to the team”, said Puna.

“We cannot undo the political damage of the past, or change the divisive nature of the Opposition.  But the people can put all that behind them on Thursday and get on with building a better future.”

Aitutaki can be stronger if it’s united the Prime Minister said. 

“Here’s the chance to do just that and put Aitutaki in a position where its priorities and needs can be fully-catered for and met in a more holistic and cooperative way going forward.”

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