Issues ‘off the radar,’ says Turia

Friday September 30, 2016 Written by Published in Politics

Issues surrounding the filing of declaratory orders by the coalition opposition are “off the public radar,” says spokesperson George Turia


He was responding to questions from CI News after the newspaper received several calls claiming that the opposition’s court applications relating to the adjournment of parliament on June 17 and the sitting on June 20 had been thrown out.

That’s in spite of the fact that earlier this month, opposition members were told by the Cook Islands High Court that their case would be heard before the end of the year.

The then Chief Justice Thomas Weston handed the matter to Chief Justice Hugh Williams who is yet to confirm a date for a hearing before three judges in December.

Turia said the opposition coalition would not comment on the matter for now and would not be saying anything until the appropriate time for an announcement was ready, and the matter was before the court.

The “over-exuberant and enthusiastic” Finance minister Mark Brown could speculate about the opposition all he liked, because all he was doing was confirming the government was in panic mode, he said. Contrary to rumours and speculation, the opposition had been busy in recent weeks, he added

Nothing has been heard for weeks from the opposition’s parliamentary leader Rose Brown, but Turia said she was on Atiu meeting with her constituents and providing moral support for her husband Taoro Brown.

Taoro was this week confirmed as the new Demo candidate for Areora/Tengatangi.

“We have received reports that the Ui Ariki, Konitara and the people of that constituency have pledged their support for Brown, citing the current member Nandi Glassie as a non-performer.”

In a statement, Turia said village meetings were in progress on Rarotonga and a meeting in Ngatangiia this week had emphasised the need to strengthen village support.

“Individual meetings between caucus and mainstream ministries where there are areas of common interest that affect our people are also ongoing.

“Since the formation of the coalition partnership the opposition office has become a hive of activity, reviving that spirit of togetherness between the joint caucuses and our supporters.”

He said this demonstrated the coalition opposition was a capable team worthy of becoming the next government.

The coalition government was also taking on board criticism from the public and supporters regarding their performance, Turia said. 

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