Norman set for comeback

Monday August 08, 2016 Written by Published in Politics
Norman George  aims to contest the Takuvaine Tutakimoa electorate in 2018, but MP Mark Brown says George should retire. 16080715 Norman George aims to contest the Takuvaine Tutakimoa electorate in 2018, but MP Mark Brown says George should retire. 16080715

Veteran politician Norman George is on the comeback trail.


He says he aims to stand as a Democratic Party candidate in the Takuvaine Tutakimoa electorate at the next election, to be held in 2018.

First, however, he has to be selected as a party candidate, and he’s making an early start to his election campaign with newspaper advertisements asking residents to vote for “experience, hard work, fearlessness and proven success.”

The former Atiu MP, who was beaten at the last election by would-be prime minister Rose Brown, says he represented his island electorate for 31 years, and has plenty of knowledge and experience to call upon.

He’s calling for Takuvaine Tutakimoa voters to be at the Takuvaine meeting house at 5pm this Wednesday, August 10, to nominate “Papa Norm” as their Demo candidate.

“Make Takuvaine Valley the ‘happy valley again’,” he says in his first advertisement.

On Friday, George said he was “absolutely serious” about his re-entry into the hurly-burly world of politics.

“I am making an early start on my campaign and I will be the only candidate from any party working in the electorate on behalf of my voters.”

George said he planned to set up a free service, providing advice on a wide range of legal matters.

The advice sessions would be held from 10am to 1pm and would be held in Tutakimoa on two weeks of the month.

“I want to start working well before the election and I will be providing all manner of legal advice for free.”

“I will be covering for Mark (Brown), the CIP MP for Takuvaine Tutakimoa when he can’t be bothered.

“I am more gentle than Mark – I think he might be a bit too uppity. I am a veteran politican and I have had rich experience which I think will benefit the people of the electorate.”

In his first advertisement in CI News George took aim at Finance minister Brown, declaring he would not involve himself in unncecessary overseas travel.

“No turning his back on you once elected. No lies. No excuses. More parliamentary sittings and select committees.

“Takuvaine Tutakimoa needs urgent maintenance and infrastructure upgrades. Why do they call us a slum and a ghetto? Ask minister Mark Brown!”

However, on Friday, Brown seemed less than concerned at George’s decision to stand against him.

“Before he comes up against me he needs to beat the other Demo candidates in the run-off that has now already been delayed three times.

“I don't give him much chance of beating the other Demos let alone last one round with me.  He lost in Atiu, he will also lose in Takuvaine Tutakimoa,” Brown said. 

“There are times when you must accept that your time in the ring is over and you should retire with as much grace and dignity as you can. 

“Enjoy the over-70 pension Norm, your government will be increasing it again in next budget.”

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