Brown in Germany with ADB

Monday May 02, 2016 Written by Published in Politics

Cook  Islands Finance Minister Mark Brown will be chairing the Pacific developing member countries discussion with Asian Development Bank (ADB) management.


He is accompanied by financial secretary Garth Henderson at the ADB annual meeting to be held in Frankfurt, Germany this week.

Brown in a statement said he was looking forward to the opportunity to present Pacific priorities to the president of ADB.

He said the ADB was always receptive to the unique issues and concerns and continues to value the Pacific perspective.

The Pacific developing member countries discussion with ADB management is particularly important as it allows Pacific countries to differentiate their own developments needs within the wider Asian regional context, Brown added.

ADB operations in the Cook Islands in the medium term are supporting the government’s commitment to increase the proportion of energy generated from renewable sources.

New developments with ADB and the Cook Islands government include exploring the advancement of fiber-optic submarine cables for faster, reliable, and more affordable internet access and developing a Disaster Risk Management Loan Facility to support the Cook Islands in the event of a significant disaster.

ADB is also likely to continue to help strengthen the government’s public service strategy and private sector development.

Some of the key topics that are expected to be discussed during the meeting are clean energy and climate change, sustainable supply and production chains, technical and vocational education and training, employment, cities, infrastructure, and urban development, information and communications technology, international development, economics, and finance and ADB administration and governance

Meanwhile Deputy Prime Minister Teariki Heather is also away overseas in Auckland, New Zealand, attending some personal matters.

Health minister Nandi Glassie is due to leave the country this week. His destination is yet to be confirmed.

The rest of the ministers will be in Rarotonga this week. 

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