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Demo conference likely next year

Tuesday September 30, 2014 Written by Published in Politics
Demo conference likely next year

Current Leader Wilkie Rasmussen will be remaining at the helm of the Democratic Party until the Party chooses its new chief at a conference roughly scheduled for early next year.

Rasmussen – who lost his Penrhyn seat to Willie John of the rival Cook Islands Party – said electoral petitions and possible appeals along with the looming Christmas holidays, have forced Demo officials to decide to push the conference date further down the road, leaving the Party with a seat-less leader.
“The party isn’t too concerned,” he said. “The issue is, how do we live with a leader who is not a Member of Parliament.”
With Rasmussen to be excluded from an expected session of Parliament next month, Ruaau MP William Heather has been appointed as acting Leader of the Opposition.
“It’s just a matter of understanding what the roles are,” he said, adding that a similar situation had occurred recently, when the CIP had a leader who wasn’t sitting in the house.
The former MP said the outcome of an expected appeal of the recent Penrhyn petition decision will determine if he will run again for the Party’s leadership.
“It’s too early to tell,” he said.
Under the present circumstances, Rasmussen said he couldn’t comment on who could potentially make a leadership bid.
As for timing on the appeals, Rasmussen said decisions by the Party will be made “soon.”

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