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BREAKING NEWS: Demos win Tamarua

Thursday September 25, 2014 Written by Published in Politics
MP Tetangi Matapo MP Tetangi Matapo

Court hands Tamarua back to the Demos, CIP loses majority

The Cook Islands High Court has upheld a number of grounds in a petition launched by the Democratic Party which contested the result in the constituency of Tamarua in Mangaia.
As a result, Demo candidate Tetangi Matapo has now been declared as the island’s Member of Parliament, taking away the seat from the Cook Islands Party.
With today’s announcement, the CIP has now lost its majority in Parliament.
Current makeup of the House has the CIP with 12 seats, the Demos with 9, and One Cook Islands with 2.
The final seat – representing the constituency of Mitiaro – will be subject to a by-election, likely to be held in November.


  • Comment Link Rima  Skyner Wednesday, 12 November 2014 20:24 posted by Rima Skyner

    Kia orana, Mrs Matapo I am so proud of you and congratulation you have done us all proud. Behind a good woman is a good man above all give God the praise and glory.. Do not fear of the future because God is the future and He's already their...Thank you for your love and your family for all your goodness while I was at home.

    Tangi ke

  • Comment Link t.tangatakino Saturday, 27 September 2014 03:20 posted by t.tangatakino

    Tangike ete taeake akamaroiroi e tuku ua rai kite atu kito rima katau kia kore koe e ngauveuve. Ka kite.

  • Comment Link Helen Friday, 26 September 2014 17:58 posted by Helen

    Why don't we go back to the polls? By now the Pa Enua should have realised which party cares enough about them to make life more bearable (not comfortable) on the Pa Enua. Someone from Raro goes to a Pa Enua and they are treated like VIP. However, a Pa Enua travels to Raro and no one cares who they are nor are they offered support. They are still referred to by Govt as 'Outer Islands' and yet the National Anthem refers to all Cook Islands as Pa Enua...Tax increases, tax on pensions, tax on interest earned...what next?

  • Comment Link rahui t  david Friday, 26 September 2014 03:07 posted by rahui t david

    If in case the Democratic Party wins the byelections , TEINA BISHOP and GEORGE BROWN will become the king maker. If that happens TEINA BISHOP will have the upper hand he can manupilate representatives to pick him as the PRIME MINISTER if he knows how to influence the COOK ISLANDS party members to side with him. THIS WILL BE VERY INTERESTING TO WATCH IN THE NEAR FUTURE or the QR. can call a new ELECTION now seeing of what they did to the pensioners in the Northern Groups it will be very interesting to see if people will changes their views. TIME WILL TELL

  • Comment Link Teremoana Aratangi Thursday, 25 September 2014 13:31 posted by Teremoana Aratangi

    Congratulations mrs matapo for winning da battle i know it not easy leaving da first career. But u got new task n challenge ahead of u well MP now good on u n te atua te aroa note mataiti ete tuatau ki mua.E maata teka oro ite oroanga okotai ra teka autu ite korona.Good luck e kia manuia

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