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Election: Puna in, Rasmussen out

Thursday July 17, 2014 Written by Published in Politics
Cook Islands Party leader Henry Puna has been reported as retaining his seat in Manihiki. 14033106 Cook Islands Party leader Henry Puna has been reported as retaining his seat in Manihiki. 14033106

The Cook Islands Party has secured a majority in Parliament.

The CIP has won 13 seats after the tabulation of final results, enough for an outright majority.

Prime Minister Henry Puna has reclaimed his seat in Manihiki, while Democratic Party Leader Wilkie Rasmussen lost in Penrhyn.

There has been a tie in Mitiaro between CIP candidate Tuakeu Tangatapoto and Democratic Party candidate Tangata Vavia, and a recount is to be conducted. Preliminary results had shown Vavia was in the lead, with 45 votes to Tangatapoto's 39. 

Results reported by the electoral office are:

  • Tai Tura as Member of Parliament for the Mauke Constituency
  • Henry Puna as Member of Parliament for the Manihiki Constituency
  • Tekii Lazaro as Member of Parliament for the Pukapuka-Nassau Constituency
  • Willie John as Member of Parliament for the Penrhyn Constituency 
  • Jim Marurai as Member of Parliament for the Ivirua Constituency



Hugh Richard Graham, Democratic Party, 48

Tai Tura, Cook Islands Party, 82

Tungane Williams, One Cook Islands Movement, 63


Tuakeu Tangatapoto, Cook Islands Party, 50

Tangata Vavia, Democratic Party, 50


Tereapii Piho, Democratic Party, 74

Henry Puna, Cook Islands Party, 78


Tekii Lazaro, Cook Islands Party, 128

Vai Tamaiti Peua, Democratic Party, 120

Tai Ravarua, One Cook Islands Movement, 25


Willie John, Cook Islands Party, 78

Wilkie Olaf Patua Rasmussen, Democratic Party, 68

Previously reported results are:


Mark Brown, CIP - 313

Tuaputa Petero Dyer, Demo - 177


David Tetupuariki Akanoa, CIP - 246

William William Heather, Demo - 386


Nooroa O Teariki Baker, Demo - 185

Teariki William Heather, CIP - 201


Patrick Akaiti Arioka, CIP - 221

James Vini Beer, Demo - 225


Vainetutai Rose Toki-Brown, CIP - 71

Norman George, Demo - 59


Nandi Tuaine Glassie, CIP - 88

Eugene Tatuava, Demo - 73


George Maggie Angene, One Cook Islands, 498

Lee Harmon, Demo, 282

Isaia Willie Jnr, CIP, 197


John Mokoenga Tikaka Henry, CIP, 258

Albert Taaviri Kaitara Nicholas, Demo, 292


Ngamau Mere Munokoa, Demo, 417

Piritau Nga, CIP, 234


Teava Iro, Independent, 96

Teariki Matenga, CIP, 268

Selina Napa, Demo, 337


Atatoa Joseph Herman, CIP, 183

Ngateina Jasmine Mackenzie, Independent, 73

Tamaiva Tuavera, Demo, 257


Cassey Tereapii Eggelton, Demo, 275

Kiriau Terepu, CIP, 288


Jim Marurai, Democratic Party, uncontested


  • Comment Link tauri Sunday, 20 July 2014 12:54 posted by tauri

    Monday 21July 2014 ( Tauri Baker Kaitamaki )
    I believe that it's time for the Cook Islands Government to reduce the number of MPs from 24 to 11 ( Rarotonga 3, Aitutaki 2, Mangaia 1, Ngaputoru 2, & Northern Group 3.)

  • Comment Link Rahui T David Friday, 18 July 2014 20:05 posted by Rahui T David

    Yes i personally agree for the cut of MPs but it must be selected according to the population. What is the justification of the three MPs Mangaia when the population on Pukapuka was and is 4 times larger. For Rarotonga to have the Prime Minister, they have to unite and select leadership they believe will be suitable for the job.But sadly they are sucked in by the minorities.

  • Comment Link joe Friday, 18 July 2014 16:27 posted by joe

    It's ashame Cook Islands ruled by minorities this is undemocratic time to reduce MPs to 18 and PM should come from Rarotonga

  • Comment Link Henry Ford Friday, 18 July 2014 15:45 posted by Henry Ford

    To our Tongareva Member of Parliament Willie John.
    Take this opportunity to thank God for this success. You deserve such a recognition! Never forget that our good Lord helped you to succeed! Only those who fights for their dreams will have the blessing of performing them. Your continuing efforts, strong will power and your belief in the Good Lord made this advancement well deserved. We're so pleased for your success! Your belief The Almighty has made this possible.

    1 Corinthians 9:24 KJV
    "Know ye not that they which run in a race run all , but one receiveth the prize? So run , that ye may obtain".

    E moemoea teia tei tapapa hia e koe, e i teia tuatau kua akatika hia e te Atua.

  • Comment Link Arerangi Tongia Friday, 18 July 2014 14:17 posted by Arerangi Tongia

    Tamarua (Mangaia) has the lowest electorate with 60 Voters on its 2014 Roll. The parliamentary vote by its single MP has a significant impact against the vote of a constituency with over 100 Voters on its 2014 Roll. Since that is the case, Tupapa (Rarotonga) has the largest electorate with 1,167 Voters on its Roll. Therefore, Tupapa should have 19 MPs - isn't that ridiculous? The Cook Islands has a high rate of emigration. It is time to reduce the number of MPs from 24 to 18 (Rarotonga 10, Aitutaki 2, Mangaia 1, Ngaputoru 2, & Northern Group 3.)

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