Marurai waltzes into office

Wednesday July 09, 2014 Written by Published in Politics
Ivirua MP Jim Marurai secured another term in office after running uncontested in the general election. 14070920 Ivirua MP Jim Marurai secured another term in office after running uncontested in the general election. 14070920

It was a boring election day for Ivirua Member of Parliament Jim Marurai, who ran uncontested on the island of Mangaia.

“I was surprised that nobody decided to oppose me,” said the former Prime Minister from his home yesterday.

Marurai – who announced in 2010 that he would be stepping down after his term in office - said he would have moved aside this time around if someone fronted up for the Demo nomination.

“I did tell my constituency the day after I was elected it was going to be my last term, but I put my name in and nobody challenged,” he said.

Marurai described the constituency of Ivirua as a Demo stronghold, and predicted the party would maintain its domination of the island.

In the 2010 vote, the political veteran won by a vote count of 60-5 over the Cook Islands Party’s Moe Lucre.

At the time, observers were expecting Marurai to run uncontested; however, Lucre’s last minute nomination thwarted those plans, sending Ivirua’s voters to the polling booth.

For his upcoming term, Marurai said his priorities will depend on the political party that is able to form the next government.

And this will “definitely” be his last term, he insists.

“I won’t be persuaded to do this again,” he said.


  • Comment Link William Tuesday, 15 July 2014 11:49 posted by William

    Elma, appreciate your reply. Firstly if I may ask, Is this not the same Mr Jim Marurai that lead the country as Premier during the signing of the Double Tax Agreement 2010 with Mr John Key? If it s not the same person, then I apologise unreservedly. However if I am correct, I believe it is only fair on all the readers especially for the pensioners to hear his views. Presumming he is the same person, re-elected, I and the thousands of Cook Islanders would welcome him blowing his horn and serve the Country and perhaps stop the outflow of our people abroad. When one is prepared to represent the people as a public figure, then one should also be prepared to receive and respond to questions legitimately raised on all matters affecting the Country. Your love and courage to stand up for your dad is very much admired. Its becoming more evident now that perhaps those who gave advise had already left the Islands or have got their heads buried in the sand. Im sure they can all read and write. Dont you think?

  • Comment Link elma Monday, 14 July 2014 18:27 posted by elma

    Congratulations dad!
    To William ...
    Q1 - he was never a premier of Cook Islands... that is a totally different title
    Q2 & Q3 - to question advise received is to question the intergrity of the Cook Islands public service, suggest you direct your questions accordingly
    Q4 - The government of the day is not a one man party, rest assured, he did not remain silent; he raised his concerns on all matters relevant... trust me, i was there and personally witnessed how hard he worked! Just because he is not the type to blow his own horns, does not mean he did not do his job! If he was so useless, then how is it that he remains uncontested in his political career and holds the record for the longest serving, with the most number of terms in this country! Maybe its time to put Jim again in office so he can once again clean up the mess, don't you reckon??

  • Comment Link William Saturday, 12 July 2014 10:15 posted by William

    .......further more, and with due respect Mr Marurai, of the mere 60 votes you received, what is it ?that you now bring to the table that will contribute greatly to improving the living standards and wellbeing of the tens of thousands of Kuki Airani people either living there or abroad.

  • Comment Link Josephine Collins Thursday, 10 July 2014 12:30 posted by Josephine Collins

    Congratulation Mr Marurai for winning you seat again kia manuia

  • Comment Link William Wednesday, 09 July 2014 21:42 posted by William

    Congratulations on your win Jim. I am over the moon knowing that you have resurfaced again as I have several questions to put to you. Q1 During your term as Premier of the Cook Islands, What was your full understanding of the Double Tax agreement?, signed by you and NZ PM Mr Key on the area or clauses relating to taxing rights of NZ paid pensioners residing in the Cook Islands. Q2 Would you now agree that in my opinion, you received ill advise on that particular document? Q3 Would you also agree that your Office had very limited input into the drafing of that agreement. Q4 Why did you choose to remain silent on this issue while our people, pensioners battled it out on the streets and through the media.

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