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The first small steps are being taken in a new marina and amenity project which will boost Aitutaki’s popularity with visiting yachts, encourage new businesses and provide new jobs.

Families honour school leaders

Tuesday March 03, 2015

Pride overflowed at the Prince Edward Hall in Aitutaki when families and friends gathered to see the new Araura College student council inducted as school leaders on Friday. 

New gear to hook fishing offenders

Saturday February 28, 2015

The Ministry of Marine Resources in Aitutaki has been presented with some new equipment for detecting fisheries offences on Aitutaki. 

Ministry of Agriculture officials are concerned about the increased risk of bio-security risks after prohibited fruit was found in a charter flight passenger’s luggage on Aitutaki last week.

Aitutaki welcomes new machines

Wednesday February 25, 2015

Infrastructure improvement works on the island of Aitutaki will kick into high gear following the arrival of heavy machinery to the island over the weekend.

Sun power energises Palmerston

Monday February 23, 2015

It was a highly exciting day for Palmerston Island on Saturday, February 21, at 6.48pm when the island’s new solar energy power system was switched on.

Inter-island barge sinks off Mauke

Friday November 13, 2015

After 18 months delivering cargo to the Pa Enua, the country’s only inter-island barge sank yesterday morning off Mauke after mysteriously starting to take on water on its way to Atiu on Tuesday evening.

Willing hands aid cargo retrieval

Saturday February 04, 2017

Taio Shipping has been in the headlines following the grounding of the company’s new vessel Moana Nui on Nassau last week.

A group of 60 local youth on Aitutaki is all set to undertake a development programme next week with a leadership training organisation from Wellington, New Zealand.  

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