Outer Islands

Flight boost for Atiu tourism

Tuesday May 19, 2015

Air Rarotonga has come to the rescue of Atiu’s ailing tourism industry by offering a low season Wednesday flight both ways between Aitutaki and Atiu.

It is said that being grateful is one of the key’s to happiness.

The sun has set on the visit by Cook Island and New Zealand politicians to the Northern Islands, but when it rose again today, Penrhyn and Manihiki were another step closer to 100 per cent renewable energy.

Sun sets on solar project visit

Thursday May 14, 2015

The parliamentary delegation to the Northern Islands returned to Rarotonga yesterday, marking the completion of the Cook Islands Solar Project.

Tourism boost for Aitutaki

Wednesday May 13, 2015

The possible cancellation of Sunday flights to Aitutaki hasn’t deterred tourism ventures for the island, recently dubbed as one of the world’s best places to swim. 

Penrhyn islanders were in full celebration mode yesterday for the opening of the New Zealand funded renewable projects on the northern group island.

What began as a simple visit to Aitutaki’s hospital and dental facilities during a family holiday has resulted in the generous donation of dental equipment for the island.

Scare tactics and spin?

Monday May 11, 2015

Job loss figures and the prediction of an exodus of more than 500 Aitutaki residents from a possible ban of Sunday flights to the island have been labelled a spin and ‘scare tactics’.

Aitutaki business people want the Prime Minister and the leaders of the three political parties to make an immediate joint national policy statement enshrining the freedom of Cook Islanders and visitors to fly to the island on Sundays.

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