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Outer Islands

Te Ipukarea technical director Kelvin Passfield was looking forward to four or five weeks without broadband or mobile phone coverage when staff from TIS left aboard the Lady Moana for remote Suwarrow island on Saturday afternoon.

Harry lives the Suwarrow life

Saturday May 12, 2018

Travel some 900-odd kilometres north by northwest of Rarotonga, up towards the islands of Nassau and Pukapuka, and you’ll find Suwarrow, a national park of the Cook Islands since 1978.

Solar power comes to Mitiaro

Saturday May 12, 2018

Prime minister Henry Puna officially opened the first of four solar power stations in the southern group islands under the Cook Islands Renewable Energy Project on the island of Mitiaro on Thursday.

Atiu and Takutea for 3D mapping

Thursday May 10, 2018

Three-dimensional maps of Atiu and Takutea are being constructed as a part of the National Environment Services’ (NES) Participatory Three Dimensional Modelling (P3DM) workshop programme.

After more than 70 days on Aitutaki, Ecuadorian vessel the Nino Maravilla and her South American crew will now be leaving the Cook Islands.

The first of four solar power stations commissioned under the Cook Islands Southern Renewable Energy Project will be officially opened on the island of Mitiaro this week, bringing the Cook Islands one step closer to its long-term renewable energy targets.

The Tiare Taporo has returned from its first voyage in almost two years, successfully visiting Aitutaki, Penrhyn, Rakahanga, Manihiki and Palmerston on an 18-day trip of some 1800-odd nautical miles.

Large natural reserves of fresh water have been found on the island of Aitutaki.

Moana Nui waiting on Grinna

Friday April 27, 2018

Stricken cargo ship the Moana Nui has been stranded on the reef off Nassau for 15 months now, but the boat’s owners Taio Shipping say it will stay sitting there for at least a few more months yet.

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