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Boxer fined $500 for bong

Monday September 18, 2017

Local boxer Latini Monga was fined $500 after pleading guilty to possessing a utensil for drug use when she appeared before Justice Patrick Keane in the Avarua High Court last Thursday.

Criminal trials set for November

Monday September 18, 2017

Three criminal trials are scheduled for November this year when the next High Court session is scheduled to take place.

A Rarotonga man who was charged with “threatening acts”, after another local man stole his marijuana has appeared in court charged with possessing utensils for drug use.

Shop robber gets two years in jail

Friday September 15, 2017

Justice Patrick Keane has sentenced a 22-year-old man to two years’ imprisonment on one charge of robbery, one charge of possession of a utensil for drug use and one charge of possession of cannabis.

Jail no deterrent for assault-accused

Thursday September 14, 2017

A man who recently served two months in prison for an assault that was described as “callous and cruel,” has appeared in court on another assault charge.

Two weeks of work for visiting judge

Tuesday September 12, 2017

High Court Judge Patrick Keane will  preside over criminal and civil court cases at the High Court over the next two weeks.

Young humpback washes up on Mauke

Monday September 11, 2017

A newly-born humpback whale has washed up dead on Mauke.

A woman who appeared in court yesterday on the same charge for the 16th time in two years, was told her criminal case was not over, and that she must return to court yet again later this month. 

Technicians get to root of problem

Friday September 08, 2017

Nearly 30 metres of thick, hardened tree root growing between the threads of High Voltage (HV) cable appear to be the contributing factor in the power outage around the north-western side of Rarotonga, last Saturday night.  

Defendant still in limbo after two years

Thursday September 07, 2017

A woman has appeared in court for the 15th time regarding a case that has been going on for more than two years.

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