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The Cook Islands National Museum, Runanga Pakau, will open its third and final Anzac exhibition on Monday, March 20.

A museum usually means an endless number of “Do Not Touch” and “Stand Behind the Rope”, signs.

The Seventh Day Adventist youth (SDA) group will be offering help to intoxicated party-goers this weekend as part of their community project for Global Youth Day.

A new senior veterinarian at the Esther Honey Foundation (EHF) clinic hails all the way from Poland, in Eastern Europe

Ambassadors call on the QR

Thursday March 16, 2017

Four foreign diplomats presented their credentials to Queen’s Representative Tom Marsters yesterday during a morning ceremony at Government House.

Cruelty case renews call for change

Wednesday March 15, 2017

A dog taken to the Esther Honey Foundation (EHF) clinic with maggot-infested puncture wounds has reignited calls to reform animal welfare law to make penalties tougher for animal abuse and neglect in the Cook Islands.

Parade makes colourful sight

Tuesday March 14, 2017

Monthly uniformed organisation parades took place around the island on Sunday, providing a spectacle for visitors and locals alike.

$90 offer sparks phone storm

Monday March 13, 2017

An abandoned car has been the centre of an unusual prank in Tupapa.

Lack of money pressing issue

Monday March 13, 2017

A number of local women took to Facebook last week to voice their concerns surrounding the lack of financial budgeting assistance available to struggling Cook Islands families, solo parents, and people who simply need help to get their finances in order. 

Women unite in voicing concerns

Friday March 10, 2017

The Cook Islands celebrated United Nations International Women’s Day (IWD) this week.

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