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A presentation of warrants marked the promotion of three police officers last week.

Gaps in the Cook Island justice system were once again a topic of discussion in the High Court last week.

Seventeen-year-old Rarotonga-born, Jeralee Galeai took out first place in the intermediate section at the 25th World Fire Knife championship last week.

Autism Cook Islands’ “Light it Up Blue” family event, brought to close a month-long awareness campaign that aimed to develop a better understanding of autism in the Cook Islands.

Friday marked the beginning of an initiative that actively seeks to reduce the volume of rubbish crowding Rarotonga’s landfill.

A visiting contract worker will have to pay over $6000 for causing injury to a mother and daughter in a car verse bike accident earlier this year.

The lack of suitable accommodation on Rarotonga for young people released from prison was highlighted in the High Court on Thursday when a plea for somewhere to live was made on behalf of an offender.

The 500 Cook Islands soldiers who volunteered to fight in World War One were remembered by many Cook Islanders who attended the Anzac dawn service in Wellington, New Zealand, on April 25 this year.

Visiting health specialists are doing the rounds through Cook Islands, with optometrists, ophthalmologist, and surgeons from New Zealand visiting both Rarotonga and the Pa Enua.

A clinical psychologist and psychiatrist will visit the Cook Islands from May 15 for two weeks.

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