Six in race for Aitutaki mayor elections

Tuesday June 23, 2020 Written by Published in Outer Islands
Mayor of Aitutaki Tekura ‘Poo’ Bishop presents a representative from Te Vaka Cruise, Tourisms A1 Meitaki Award last year. 19061710 Mayor of Aitutaki Tekura ‘Poo’ Bishop presents a representative from Te Vaka Cruise, Tourisms A1 Meitaki Award last year. 19061710

Unprecedented number of candidates have thrown their hats in the ring for the “top job” of Aitutaki Mayor.

Six candidates have joined the race and put their names forward as part of the island’s government elections for Mayor of Aitutaki.

The candidates are Tekura ‘Poo’ Bishop, who is the current Mayor, Ngapare Tatira, Tai Herman, George Upu, Bill Paiti and Panapa Samuel.

Aitutaki Island secretary Tuaine George said this is the most interest he’s seen for the mayor’s position.

George said the nominations were put forward prior to the announcement of the postponement of the elections date, due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Mayor of Aitutaki Tekura Bishop has been involved in the island government for 20 years and this is the first term he has served as the mayor.

Bishop is looking forward to driving more projects.

“It’s been a passion and a drive for me… however, you can’t please everyone,” he said.

He is happy there has been more interest from people as far as leading the island goes.

“I can appreciate that there are more people who want to come onboard,” said Bishop.

The last notice with regards to the Island Government Elections was published on March 19, stating that the postponement was due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

As of last Friday, there was no date set to resume the election.


  • Comment Link Vauru Jnr Sunday, 28 June 2020 05:05 posted by Vauru Jnr

    Growing up in aitutaki I remember it to be one heart and one mind. Everyone flourished the aitutaki way. Not the papaa way. To me the question is not who should lead. But as Aitutakians what do we need to do to ensure that the strong aitutaki remain.

    Right now there we are faced with a challenge where we have a aging population with leads and less youth.

    Why are they leaving to go overseas??
    To me that’s a big problem in itself.

    What are we doing to keep our youth home so they can be part of the journey.

    At this stage a lot of our youth are employed overseas
    What opportunities are there in aitutaki?
    To me it’s not about who knows the people and how they work it’s who can inspire and involve the leaders of tomorrow so the youth can be engaged and be a part of the journey

    That’s the ultimate challenge.
    Keeping and growing our youth so our aitutaki tomorrow is a strong one

  • Comment Link Mona Ioane Wednesday, 24 June 2020 15:36 posted by Mona Ioane

    We must look at the ability, capability, experience, skills and knowledge that a candidate must have. There was one candidate amongst the six candidates who has been there before who has a proven record. I am not saying that others have no proven records but we the voters need seriously consider or elect the best to move our aeland beyond 2000. Good luck and all the best to the 6 Candidates.

  • Comment Link Kopu vaikai Wednesday, 24 June 2020 12:29 posted by Kopu vaikai

    I see Tai herman is one that is good be mayor he knows the people and the land and how the our oceans and voyagers work.... Ngapare..she is a new maybe things will change for our island..As for Tai As we call him (Tango).he knows how our island Aitutaki works..

  • Comment Link Tea Lekau, Tuesday, 23 June 2020 19:16 posted by Tea Lekau,

    I would count Panapa Samuel and George Upu out coz they have spent most of their lives overseas and not woth the people of Aitutaki. Tai Herman is a very busy man with his own business n projects so we need someone who can give everything to run the island, maybe give the young ones a go.

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