Miss Cook Islands given a new name

Tuesday January 28, 2020 Written by Published in Outer Islands
Tajiya Sahay with the children of Mitiaro. 20012446 Tajiya Sahay with the children of Mitiaro. 20012446

Miss Oceania Cook Islands Tajiya Sahay has had a new name bestowed upon her by her people of Mitiaro: Teau-e-roa.


The name means, peaceful journey.

Sahay was overwhelmed.

"I feel so blessed, it's such an honour,” she said.

“I’ll be travelling the world, and my new name recognises and represents my journey."

Sahay has spent the past few days in Mitiaro, visiting her home island and her own grandmother, Tamanu Scott.

She was welcomed by the Ariki and all the people of the island, and carried through the streets shoulder-high on a pa’ata.

Yesterday, Sahay was also given the privilege of also planting a young coconut  tree (uto) at the Mitiaro Government administration grounds, prior to  the final kaikai at the community hall.

While lively tunes from the mamas rang through the hall, gifts of tivaivai, pareu, baskets and fish were presented to Sahay, at the final feast put on for her by her home island.

The island of Mitiaro has come together to show how proud they are of Sahay's achievements on the world stage.

* Thank you to Air Rarotonga who kindly sponsored reporter Melina Etches’ flights to Mitiaro.

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