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Islands in for sudden boost in motorbikes

Thursday December 27, 2018 Written by Published in Outer Islands

With motorbikes featuring on the cargo lists of boats going to the southern islands over the last few weeks, there could be a noticeable increase in traffic in the Pa Enua during the Christmas holidays. 


When CINews called at the port of Avatiu on Friday, Taio Shipping Services managing director Tapi Taio said a load of around 45 motorcycles and two cars had just been shipped to Mangaia, along with tonnes of other cargo. And on the deck of the Maungaroa II around 12 bikes were lined up, ready to be shipped to Atiu along with a big load of other freight, ranging from freezers to a large load of onions.

However, the boost in the number of motorbikes on these islands is unlikely to cause any road safety problems, say the police.

Cook Islands Police Service spokesman Trevor Pitt told CINews that generally speaking, traffic incidents in the outer islands did not figure high on the radar of national concerns for the police

“There is no congestion to speak of and I'm not aware of any serious incidents regarding alcohol or speeding on a scale that would warrant additional staffing,” he said.

“The outer islands officers are required to enforce the law as it applies in the Cook Islands. On occasions such as the annual games where a large influx of people is expected, then you would probably see extra (police) personnel.”

Earlier, CINews also asked Pitt why police generally ignored passengers being carried unsafely on the back of trucks, when the law called for penalties. However, he had no helpful answers.

“You would have to cite specific instances of any untoward attitudes by the police. Quite often people criticise the police but don’t come up with any names or details.

“Talk is cheap. Focus on the source of the problem - the offender. And consider the innocent victims. That's if anyone is interested in helping.”

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