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Wednesday February 21, 2018 Written by Published in Outer Islands

The Mangaia Island Government (MIG) has secured financial assistance in the form of a grant by the Government of India for the purchase and supply of two 7000 litre tanks for a water trailer.


The need for extra household water tanks and a large water trailer to cart water to households and agricultural plots was identified in the Mangaia Development Plan 2014-2018.  

This was considered the island’s highest development priority as a result of increasing climate change risk factors including prolonged dry months, rising temperatures and inconsistent rainfall.

The support will assist them and the Mangaia Disaster and Risk Management Committee to provide water security for the people on the island.

A total of $40,000 was allocated to this project in order to procure two 7000 litre water tank units for a water trailer to carry water to households and agriculture plots.

In addition, it would also allow MIG to service dusty roads during the dry season.

The India Grant Fund (IGF) was first announced at the 2006 Pacific Islands Forum and made available to each Pacific island countries including the Cook Islands.

It is administered by the Ministry of Finance and Economic Management (MFEM) and funded by the Indian government under their Grant-in Aid Programme. A total of about $272,000 (US$200,000) is available for the Cook Islands to access.

For the 2016/17 IGF round, 16 projects were submitted by the Cook Islands government and subsequently funding was approved by the government of India.

The small grants are aimed at supporting grassroots communities ranging from registered Cook Island Civil Society Organisations as well as from the Pa Enua and island administrations.

These projects focus on areas that support, promote and/or develop social, economic and/or cultural development and sustainability.

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