Beautiful tivaivai shown on Atiu

Friday September 08, 2017 Written by Published in Outer Islands
Women on Atiu admire the tivaivai display. (Photo: CINCW 17090712) Women on Atiu admire the tivaivai display. (Photo: CINCW 17090712)

Rima Bob of the Enuamanu Catholic and Island Women’s Council says she was amazed at the high standard of craftsmanship evident in a show of traditional tivaivai held on Atiu last Friday. 

Over 40 colourful and intricately-sewn tivaivai were on display, attracting a good crowd of spectators. Bob says the decision to mount the display was made a year ago to encourage younger girls on the island to learn the art of cutting and sewing with a high quality finish. 

Some of the tivaivai were sewn using a sewing machine, while others were hand-made.

Women members from all the villages on the island brought in their completed tivaivai to be displayed. 

The Cook Islands National Council of Women was represented by Taputukura Mariri, who on behalf of the Patron, president and executive members, handed over a small token of prizemoney to help with the beautiful show. She encouraged the women to sell their tivaivai to provide incomes for their families

In accepting the donation from CINCW, Rima Bob encouraged members to prepare for further displays and tivaivai-making opportunities in the new year.

Other donations were received from MP Rose Brown, Health minister Nandi Glassie and the Super Brown Store of Atiu, Mama Nga Mokoroa and the island council member for Areora,  Tuainekore Samuel.

The tivaivai display was closed by catechist Kau Henry before members and invited guests enjoyed refreshments to end the day.

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