Volunteer teachers in Aitutaki

Tuesday July 25, 2017 Published in Outer Islands

Travel Teacher volunteers arrived for their first project in Aitutaki on July 8 in partnership with Araura College.


Travel Teacher is an educational and charitable organisation based in the United Kingdom that provides opportunities for meaningful travel through volunteer work and cultural exploration.

The purpose of the visit and extended partnership with the school is for Travel Teacher as an organisation and charity to support the infrastructure of the school and provide human resource in the form of volunteers to provide added expertise and support to staff and teachers.

Travel Teacher volunteers come from all walks of life including diverse nationalities and professions. Each participant is required to apply to become a volunteer before undertaking a technical training programme to learn and develop their own teaching skills.

While in Aitutaki volunteers were paired with a local teacher whom they provided support throughout the duration of the project.

Travel Teacher was founded in 2015 by Director Matt Ray. “It is our pleasure to be at the school after almost two years of planning. We are honoured to be welcomed by staff and students of the school and are eager to begin our work. We will be working with the school over the coming years to provide sustainable support in resourcing and supporting the needs of students, enabling them to achieve great things.”

Travel Teacher thanks all local residents for their  support and “ensuring our stay has been warm and welcomed. We look forward to years of success and fulfilment in partnership with the school.”

            - Tracey Spiers, Principal, Araura College

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