Mangaia marks infrastructure improvements

Tuesday May 30, 2017 Published in Outer Islands

A combined handover ceremony for the people of Mangaia’s overhauled crusher plant and the new water supply for the village of Ivirua was held last Friday.


The crusher plant was relocated from Oneroa to the Karanganui site, at the northern end of Mangaia airport.

Infrastructure Cook Islands secretary Ngametua Pokino said the aim was to improve the production of aggregate by being closer to the rock wall where the drilling and blasting work is done.

“This will save significant costs on transport, reduce wear and tear to the machinery and provide a safe environment for the workers and community on site.”

The project was delivered in partnership with ICI, the Mangaia Island Government and T&M Heather Ltd. 

“The expertise of T&M and its technical personnel with heavy duty machinery proved essential to relocating the crusher plant, together with the construction of the sheds for staff and the main generator,” said Pokino.

“The work also included electrical wiring and testing of the main generator and its control panel. They were able to break a pile of big rocks to provide three months’ supply, in a timely manner, in less than two weeks and without any danger to all those involved.”

Deputy prime minister Teariki Heather, the overseer of the relocation project, says the job is being done by people with proven work experience, and with capacity to put safety first in their minds and their work plan.”

“This line of work is very dangerous and when I saw the old set up in Oneroa, I was very disappointed because it was too close to the road. The stockpile area was too small and was not designed to increase the production of aggregate more efficiently.” 

Heather says the current set up is guaranteed to produce the best aggregates for Mangaia road sealing programme. 

The budget for this crusher plant set up is $250k in the 2016-2017 appropriation for Mangaia roads. An additional budget is required for the actual sealing programme in the 2017-2018 financial year.

Meanwhile, the island government of Mangaia’s decision to ask Cabinet to redirect the Mangaia Central Water budget of $125,000 to improve the water supply of the people of Ivirua is a dream come true for many village residents.

A simple handover ceremony gave the honour of cutting the ribbon to the Member of Parliament of Ivirua and former prime minister Jim Marurai of cutting the ribbon, before the deputy prime minister turned the water tap on.

The project was supervised by ICI Waterworks Manager Wilson Rani with technical assistance from ICI engineer Tenga Mana and the support of Ian Ibbetson, owner of PTS company of Rarotonga. 

Rani acknowledged the support of PTS and thanked them, the island government and the people of Ivirua who carried the water pipes and power cables on their shoulders along the makatea foot-track to the cave for a distance of about 700 metres from the village.

Rani says this is the third source of water supply in Ivirua, in addition to the stream water supply and rainwater sources.

“The stream water cannot supply water to two thirds of the village during periods of drought, which the cave water will be able to supply. Rainwater harvesting is also a supplementary water source for Ivirua.

“The Aronga Mana of Ivirua and Mangaia would like to extend their enormous thanks and gratitude to the Government for allowing this to happen, said Rani.

“The PTS-supplied electrical pump is the first of its kind to be tested in Mangaia and the capability is excellent, so far.  PTS are looking forward to extending this service to other Pa Enua.”


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