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Amuri wins big in Te Vaka O Ru competition

Sunday April 09, 2017 Written by Published in Outer Islands

Amuri made a double scoop in the Te Vaka O Ru (TVOR) competition which is mirrored on Rarotonga’s successful Vaka Pride competition for Aitutaki.

The village claimed the Akono I te Ao Rangi and Peu Maori prizes, claiming $3750 in cash prizes for projects of their choice.

The Akono I te Ao Rangi prize is awarded for the most clean beach areas, least amount of mosquito-breeding sites, best reuse of rubbish and recycling methods and best kept public areas.

The Peu Maori award goes to the village for best voted flower gardens and beautification and best voted agricultural production.

The Tupuranga Tangata which is for best kept livestock, lowest crime rates and community initiatives went to Reureu. The village managed $1250.

In a statement, Cook Islands Tourism said from the TVOR committee’s monthly inspections, the village of Amuri was noted to have conducted regular clean ups, replanted some tipani trees along their roadside as a beautification project, and maintained public areas, to earn their win.

The small village of Reureu stood out for the committee by taking the recently added community initiatives in the Tupuranga Tangata category to another level.

On inspection day, Cook Islands Tourism said the people of Reureu showcased their tivaivai, handy crafts and highlighted their proactive cultural initiatives. “It was these community initiatives that the community of Reureu attributed to there being no crime in the village of Reureu.”

The TVOR committee is made up of representatives from Internal Affairs, ministry of Health, Aitutaki Conservation Trust, National Environment Services and the police department.

They are the ones making the final decision on the winners.

Previously, TVOR was judged by the three constituencies on Aitutaki – Au, Are Nikau and Vaitau.

The TVOR committee decided to move from judging by constituencies to villages, similar to the Vaka Pride competition.

“This is the first round of TVOR that the competition has implemented judging by village and so far it has been a successful one.

The final judging and inspection of the villages for the competition was held on March 31.

The prizegiving for TVOR was held on Friday last week and all winners were announced and acknowledged on live broadcast with Aitutaki radio station.

“Well done to the people on the beautiful island of Aitutaki who participated in their village clean-up. The next round for TVOR is already underway with judging scheduled to take place at the end of June. So, keep up the good work Araura Enua!”

For more information about the Te Vaka O Ru competition, contact Misepa Isamaela on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .           - Release/ RK