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ICI to launch Aitutaki sealing project

Wednesday March 01, 2017 Written by Published in Outer Islands

The Ministry of Infrastructure Cook Islands (ICI) planning and design and civil works divisions are preparing to launch a road sealing project on Aitutaki, involving the resealing of 20kms of existing roads and the sealing of 6kms of new roads on the island.


Capacity constraints within the island government have led to ICI being asked to take full responsibility for the project. As ICI does not have a permanent presence on the island, the ministry has recruited Aitutaki local Tiraa Arere as project manager. Arere will oversee the day to day management of the project including monitoring and reporting and assist the project engineer and other planning and design staff in other functions such as documentation and funding disbursements. The work will be undertaken by a core team from ICIs Civil Works Division, using ICI’s existing bitumen truck and machinery and working alongside the Aitutaki Island government.

“We have been wanting to carry out this project since November 2016 and we are relieved that it is now going to happen” says planning and design director Tenga Mana.

“Having a dedicated project manager for such a large project takes the weight off the existing staff to be able to spend more time focusing on the other many projects that the ministry has in the pipeline.”

A new bitumen truck is being manufacatured in New Zealand for ICI’s civil works division. The new vehicle will enable the ministry to carry out road maintenance on Rarotonga while also doing similar work in the Pa Enua. The truck will also be available for hire to private sector contractors when necessary.

The roading project is due to be completed mid-year 2017, with handover to the asset owner, the Aitutaki island government. 

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