Fuel price drop good news for Pa Enua

Wednesday February 15, 2017 Written by Published in Outer Islands
Fuel price drop good news for Pa Enua Gregor Dodson - Flickr

Fuel users in the Pa Enua will pay less following the introduction of new margins for the Southern and Northern islands.

The new prices were issued in the latest Price Order on January 16.

“There was a need to review the fuel price margins in the Pa Enua, as we recognised that they were outdated and not reflective of actual costs to supply fuel,” said Price Tribunal president Tatiana Burn.

“It is pleasing to see progress is being made by Pa Enua retailers to comply with lower prices than has been the practice.

“In particular, we congratulate Atiu as the first of the Pa Enua islands subject to the January Price Order to be fully compliant with the new petrol and diesel prices.

“The benefits to Atiu consumers are a 22 per cent price reduction on petrol and a 25 per cent reduction in the price of diesel compared with what was previously charged. There is also full compliance with retail prices for petrol, diesel and LPG on Rarotonga and Aitutaki.”

Price inspections are carried out in the Pa Enua by Ministry of Internal Affairs’ officers on each of the islands. Following inspections over the past few weeks, a number of price order breach notices have been issued and continued non-compliance will result in legal action against those retailers, says Burn.

Under the January price order, the new maximum retail prices in the southern group are $2.87 a litre for petrol and $2.80 for diesel. Consumers in the northern group will pay $3.02 for petrol and $2.95 for diesel. Any non-compliance with these prices should be reported to the Internal Affairs’ Officer on the island or directly to the Senior Consumer officer on Rarotonga.

A Price Tribunal statement said LPG margins to the Pa Enua were still under review, with new margins expected to take effect in the March Price Order at the latest.

Consultations on the new margins for LPG will continue with Pa Enua retailers.

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