Atiu holistic health workshop a big success

Wednesday August 24, 2016 Written by Published in Outer Islands

A HOLISTIC health workshop held in Atiu from July 11 to August 16 has been described as “incredible” by those who attended it.


Dr Raubane Kirimaua and his team, which included Tepare and Maryann Solomona from Aitutaki, offered a holistic approach to healing and treatment by using nutrition, exercise, local plant remedies and massage.

Dr Kirimaua, a Kiribati naturopathic doctor from the US, also taught a five-week class for anyone interested.

The programme included community members participating in juicing and food demonstration classes and learning about raw diets, to encourage locals to eat more local produce and live healthy lifestyles.

There was an exercise programme in the early morning, followed by early spiritual devotion.

Dr Kirimaua and his team are of the Seventh Day Adventist faith.

But, like the Cook Islands Christian Church reverend said at the August 16 graduation ceremony for students who took the five-week class, "Thank you for opening up these opportunities to learn about health to all Atiuans.

“I want to change my life and be healthier. I'm exercising in the morning, watching what I eat and I've started a home garden to help me eat healthy."

Ten students in Atiu graduated from the class. They were a diverse group ranging in age from 17 to their mid-60s.

Many Atiuans received massage, natural remedies and medical advice about their health ailments. The patients included locals of all ages.

            - Loa Niumeitolu

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