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Plenty of fun on Mangaia

Saturday July 30, 2016 Written by Published in Outer Islands

MANGAIA is celebrating this year’s Constitution Celebration in style.


All six Puna on the island will be doing an item each over two nights, coming Tuesday and Wednesday.

On Constitution Day, there will be a flag-raising ceremony followed by the floats and other programmes.

The opening of Mangaia’s Constitution Day celebration is scheduled for Tuesday 02 August at 4pm with the trade show to follow at about 4:30pm. There will also be floor shows, imene tuki, choir and Ute before the day comes to an end.

On Wednesday, the trade show continues from 4pm till late with floor show Pe’e (chant), action songs and drum dances before the night’s programme is closed.

On Thursday, all guests will gather at around 9am for the Cook Islands Government Day. The island’s brass band will then lead all six Punas from Babe’s Shop to the administration block. There also will be an after service float parade for all the Punas, followed by the tangi kaara with a prizegiving ceremony to follow before the day’s programme comes to a close.

There also will be floor and trade shows held at the Tavaenga hard court, or if it rains, this will then be moved to the Oneroa Youth Hall or the Oneroa Sunday School Hall.

There is prize money as well from the Government of the Cook Islands to keep everyone interested.

“This is a special time for the island as weeks of preparation have been going on with composing, practice and all the costume making that is needed for these occasions, said the island’s executive officer, Anthony Whyte.

“It will be filmed as it’s always popular with Mangaians living overseas who like to see how the island celebrates this special occasion.”        -

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