Minute’s silence focuses on climate change

Thursday April 21, 2016 Written by Published in Outer Islands
Mitiaro students will be among those observing “1 Minute 4 Earth” today. 16042121 Mitiaro students will be among those observing “1 Minute 4 Earth” today. 16042121

THE Cook Islands will join the rest of the world today in commemorating World Earth Day, held to draw attention to climate change issues.


Cook Islands Climate Change said in a media release that April 22 marked the beginning of a collective global effort to highlight the climate crisis, an effort that should involve every country and individual on this planet.

Prime minister Henry Puna said the Cook Islands had played an active role in the fight against climate change, and the broad, adverse impacts on the lives of its people.

 “One Minute for Earth is a demonstration of how we can mobilise our collective strength, and keep the focus on preserving our world,” Puna said.

“Not just for us today but for those to come in future generations.

Together, the world achieved the first important step at a conference in Paris, France, last December.

“At 12 noon today, let’s all stop in unison, close our eyes, take a breath, and for one minute, consciously and together, envision the highest and most positive outcomes for earth.”

Puna said the fight against climate change had been argued all over the globe and in every corner of the developed and undeveloped worlds, adding the Cook Islands was most proud of achievements that had been secured in Paris late last year at the 21st Conference of the Parties.

The most vulnerable of all the nations in the world had been heard loud and clear and the Cook Islands had been a strong voice amidst the Small Islands Developing States, he said.

The historic agreement reached in Paris in December by 195 countries will be opened for signing in New York today.

“To reinforce our role as a contributing player in the healing of our planet, we remain proud in supporting a global campaign of solidarity for one minute of silence for Earth, although many more steps need to be taken,” Puna said. 

“Today, at exactly 12 noon, I want to encourage you all to dedicate one minute of silence for this vision, a healthy planet of peace, equity, and a sustainable future.” 

The prime minister said he would be observing the one minute silence on Radio Cook Islands.

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