Atiu AGM to find new officers

Wednesday February 10, 2016 Written by Published in Outer Islands

The Atiu Rarotonga community will focus on the election of new office bearers to lead the Atiu Rarotonga Community this year.

General secretary for the community Nga Teao-Papatua, has confirmed that the annual general meeting will be held this Friday at 4.30pm at the Atiu Hostel.

She said for those wanting to take leadership roles for the Atiu community are most welcome to attend the meeting.

“Our AGM will also focus on what we have come through in the past years while we were busy with our successful hostel building, where we are today and where we are heading for the future of Atiuans,” Teao-Papatua said. Teao-Papatua said there are more than 500 Atiuans living on Rarotonga, but some are inactive with their participation in the organised activities to keep the people together.

She said they have had a number of successful projects completed by the community such as the opening of the new Atiu Hostel in December last year.

 “Our major areas of work to do this year are to complete some unfinished jobs around the hostel like the top floor and to do landscaping works around the hostel,” Teao-Papatua said.

She said various fundraisings have been held over eight years of hard work for successful projects for the Atiu community.                 

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