Violence against women campaign in Mangaia

Wednesday February 10, 2016 Written by Published in Outer Islands
The community meeting with women and their families in Oneroa, Mangaia, to discuss the anti violence campaign. Photo T Mariri. 16020903 The community meeting with women and their families in Oneroa, Mangaia, to discuss the anti violence campaign. Photo T Mariri. 16020903

Taputu Mariri and Teva Simiona have completed a round of meetings in Mangaia to garner island support for the Advocacy to Action Campaign by the Cook Islands National Council of Women to eliminate violence in our homes by 2020.


Using some of the glaring findings from the national report Te Ata o te Ngakau – Shadows of the Heart, the team were able to receive confirmed support from  island residents with the capabilities to drive the advocacy to action programme over the next three months.

Taputu Mariri is the National Council’s coordinator for this national exercise, and is keen to work with Teva and Poroa and Tekea from Mangaia, as well as with other women’s and community leaders in the pa enua to progress action, after the talk and the report.

She said, ‘The council prefers to use this strategy of outreach, where the island’s most capable community mobilisers are the resource personnel for the message and work.

« Too often, I’ve heard our women and community members in the pa enua say to me, it’s always Rarotonga based agencies and individuals that come to spread the news about issues very close to our hearts, but they just come and share and then go. Often we just listen and share with them out of politeness.’

She advises that the strategy to use on island resource personnel has been a long term strategy of the National Council of Women, not just to spread the information so that action can begin but also to build up the capacity of women and families in the outer islands.

She is gearing up to work with Poroa Arokapiti and Tekea Moeara to pursue in depth why violence is in the homes, and especially how each one of us can help make it go away.

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  • Comment Link Rowena Wednesday, 10 February 2016 20:14 posted by Rowena

    Changing domestic violence is a complex issue, involving behavioural, cognitive, emotional and beliefs about entitlements change. Awareness that it is unlawful to use abuse, violence ,power and control over a partner, child or any one is the most basic beginning to understand human rights. Fear and hopelessness prevents change. Accountability and responsibility needs to start with the perpetrator. It is a shame you recently had an expert in this field give up 6 months of paid work trying to bring in a proven living without violence , approved Programme into the country for both men and women to actively address domestic violence in relationships. Everyone thought it a great idea. No government agency would provide funding of any kind, therefore it must not be a priority. That is so sad because everyone has the right to a peaceful, safe home.

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