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Palmerston trust clarifies confusion

Monday February 08, 2016 Written by Published in Outer Islands

The Palmerston Island Hostel Trust Board has issued a statement to clarify what appears to be some confusion around election of trustees to the board.


The trust was established on December 12, 2003.

Board members of the Trust held an AGM on September 6, 2015 at the Islander Hotel and all board members were notified.

Apologies were received from Anne Fisher – who has power of attorney for Ere Ngariki Marsters, resident of Auckland, and Tony Iotua Marsters who appointed Tony Armstrong to represent him.  Jancey Browne was notified via her sister Noeline Browne, no apologies were received and George Marsters sent his power of attorney for Melbourne Marsters.

The chairman of the Palmerston Island Hostel Charitable Trust was pleased to have a quorum and a very productive meeting was held, to accelerate the building of Palmerston Island House.

The Trust subsequently held a combined meeting of the newly-appointed fundraising committee and the co-chairman of the Aotearoa Palmerston Island Trust, Dr Joe Williams, agreed to advance the building project this year.

The Trust is surprised that a meeting is called for Thursday February 11, 2016, for the election of Trustees.

The Trust is managed under the articles of the trust and endeavours to be compliant. The next AGM is due in December 2016, and shall be called by the Trust Secretary.

The trust’s third fundraising Kikau kai raffle is to be drawn on Saturday, February 27, at Punanga Nui Market and the trust invites all Palmerston families to support this initiative.

Palmerston Island Hostel Charitable Trust shall report on funds received only through the PIHC Trust Account.

For more information, contact Trust Secretary Lydia Sijp on 77245, Trust Treasurer Grace McDonald 20297 or Fundraising Chair Tuaine Marsters on 73398.              

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