Atiu urged to treat machines carefully

Sunday April 05, 2015 Written by Release/MW Published in Outer Islands

Heavy rain last Wednesday on Atiu didn’t deter community leaders from attending a special handover of heavy machinery for the island.

Atiu’s Tengatangi-Areora-Ngatiarua Member of Parliament and Cabinet Minister Nandi Glassie was there for the official handover ceremony and was also the keynote speaker.

Heavy rain during the occasion was seen by the Ngati Nurau of Mapumai as a sign of blessing, with community leaders and government workers including the machine operators and mechanics turning out for the occasion.

The handover was overlooked by the Religious Advisory Council with a powerful imene tuki sung by the happy crowd. 

Glassie reminded the operators and island council to treat the machines like caring for a newborn child. 

“They have to be cleaned, oiled and maintained regularly to last at least 10 years or more,” he said.

The ceremony ended with a big kaikai in the Atiu Niui Maruarua hall. 

It was a proud moment for the whole island who acknowledged the People’s Republic of China and the Cook Islands government for the rima aroa. 

Glassie also acknowledged the efforts of Teenui-Mapumai MP Rose Brown. 

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