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New Mitiaro fishery officer

Thursday May 15, 2014 Written by Published in Outer Islands
New Mitiaro Fishery Officer Ngarouru Tou. 14051330 New Mitiaro Fishery Officer Ngarouru Tou. 14051330

New Fishery Officer Ngarouru Tou has been in Rarotonga this month working with Ministry of Marine Resources’ inshore division staff.

Tou was appointed earlier this year as the fishery officer for Mitiaro. He was one of two temporary officers recruited to give the Ministry at least one fishery officer based in each of the outer islands. The other new appointment is Mauke fishery officer Teokotai George.

This month Tou joined Senior Fishery Officer Sonny Tatuava for training on FAD (fish aggregating device) maintenance and spent time working with the inshore division team.

Tou is a keen fisherman and has previously attended MMR training and workshops on fishing practices. In the past he would also assist with MMR field visits to Mitiaro. He has worked at the Mitiaro EPS (power station) for the last 26 years.

Director of Inshore Fisheries & Aquaculture Koroa Raumea says it’s a big plus to have officers now based in Mitiaro and Mauke.

“We have someone there that we can liaise with directly and that can work with our stakeholders on the island.”

Tou says some of his work in the coming months will include deploying and maintaining FADs, providing fisheries training, and helping school students learn more about marine resources.  He will also be working on the tilapia fish farming project that has been earmarked for Mitiaro’s lake. –MMR Release

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