Top Queen’s Birthday honour recipient counsels Cook Islands and New Zealand governments: we can reopen borders next month.

‘Using maths in real life’

Tuesday June 02, 2020

Three thousand kilometres of ocean and the Covid travel bans haven’t stopped innovative work teaching “a challenging form of maths” to pupils at Cook Islands primary schools.

At high school, Alexia Hilbertidou found herself the only girl in senior technology and physics classes.

A week after the house he built burnt to the ground, Papa Teina Ataera Snr is so overwhelmed by the aro’a extended to his family that he can’t finish a thank you without getting choked up.

It was a long, long wait for the Koteka and Hunter families to meet and hug their newest babies, twins Sahara Vaiatea and Arianna Hinanui.

Late burst of people power

Saturday May 30, 2020

Hundreds of people get on their bikes in a late bid to convince the government to revoke its new helmet law.

Most Cook Islanders don’t believe in just packing up and leaving their jobs when they reach retirement age of 60.

Food markets are keen to sell local farmers’ produce.

Pulled over by the police at a check point, 55-year-old Turia Taneao said the officer reminded her of the compulsory helmet law that will come into effect in late June.

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