Gentle and softly spoken, Margarita Taitua Vaetoru was so incredibly moved by James Talbot’s 3200km trek the length of New Zealand that she persuaded her family of three to come together and donate $320 towards Rarotonga’s Creative Centre.

Renowned chef Al Brown is coming to Aitutaki’s 5-star Pacific Resort to host an exclusive $125-a-head cocktail reception and dinner.

3200km mission accomplished

Thursday June 13, 2019

After covering 3,029,385 steps on the 3200 kilometre track, it was finally mission accomplished for James Talbot who completed The Creative Trail in New Zealand on Tuesday (NZ time).

Mention badminton as a tourist attraction, and people might assume you were referring to the Badminton equestrian trials in England.

Creative Trail walker James Talbot has reached his final stop, Cape Reinga after days of walking on the 3200 kilometre Te Araroa Trail in New Zealand.

The child welfare benefit will be extended to cover teenagers up to their 16th birthday.

Cooks kids are falling behind in school, taking time out to attend week-long wakes for distant relatives across the Pacific.

Cook Islands’ most colourful native bird, the kukupa, will always be held close to the hearts of the Rarotonga and Atiu communities – and one young Rarotonga girl has proved it.

A Cook Islands endurance walker is braving massive storms as he tried to complete the last few days of walking the length of New Zealand.

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