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The owners who leased land at Avana Point to a wealthy expat have been encouraged to register the historic site for protection.

Stars as accurate as instruments

Tuesday August 27, 2019

Tahitian vaka Fa’afaite leaves Rarotonga this morning – captained by a well-loved member of the Cook Islands Marumaru Atua crew.

A Cook Islands Tourism led community outreach initiative is making a positive impact on Aitutaki.

Members from other denominations are welcome to join next month’s Jehovah’s Witnesses regional convention.

Usually seen on his motorcycle with his beaming smile and a nod from his shiny head, a popular gentle man, Pastor Eliu Eliu will be missed.

Using local firefighters as first attenders at road accidents here can be effective in improving victims’ survival chances, says a Fire and Emergency NZ boss.

Police are in talks to hand over responsibility for dog control to a private security company, as public concerns grow over dogs running wild, causing crashes and attacking tourists.

Australia’s fortune is Raro’s

Wednesday August 21, 2019

When Australian nurse Nicole Brown came to Rarotonga for a holiday, she fell in love with the country. Now, she has been fundraising to donate medical supplies to the local community.

‘Every dog should have a home’

Wednesday August 21, 2019

Give us a call. That’s the message from the SPCA, after they worked with vets to nurse a miserable, mangy Raro dog back to health.

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