Katrina Tanirau

Katrina Tanirau

Food hygiene scores on the doors

Thursday February 20, 2020

There are new calls by the hospitality industry to take food safety and hygiene seriously.

Jetstar refunds some money

Wednesday February 19, 2020

After going back and forth with Jetstar for many weeks, the Isiah family finally has some answers – but only after threatening to go to the Disputes Tribunal. 

Children stranded by school closures

Wednesday February 19, 2020

Prime Minister tells officials to do a better job of informing the public about weather emergencies like the one that closed schools yesterday. Katrina Tanirau and Jonathan Milne report.

While Cook Islands Police, the Cook Islands Government and other key stakeholder agencies prepare legislative changes to curb drink driving, a spate of arrests on driving charges during last weekend’s night shift have kept officers busy.

Cyclone threat to Cook Islands

Monday February 17, 2020

With another tropical cyclone brewing in the South Pacific, bringing heavy rain, huge swells and high winds, Cook Islands residents are told to be prepared. 

Legislative work begins on proposed changes to road safety laws. 

Rubbish is becoming a problem in Rarotonga.

Fist place: Summer in Paradise

Saturday February 15, 2020

You don’t take a photograph, you make it - just like a beautiful painting, sketch or sculpture, a photo is a work of art.

There’s a lot of skill required when it comes to knowing how to trim and top trees without severely damaging them, especially in preparation for adverse weather events like tropical cyclones and storms. And the best people on Rarotonga at getting that job done are Baker Tree Services. The trees at the Social Centre got a much needed trim over the past few days to prevent them from toppling during adverse weather and to keep people safe. November to March is traditionally cyclone season in Cook Islands, even though Rarotonga has escaped relatively unscathed in 2019/20. Photo: Katrina Tanirau.

Getting you home safely

Friday February 14, 2020

Recent spate of fatal accidents has spurred a Rarotonga resident to start sober driving service on the island.

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