Losirene Lacanivalu

Losirene Lacanivalu

Violence no laughing matter

Thursday November 07, 2019

Comedian Tofiga Fepulea’i plays his most serious role this month – a starring role in Cook Islands’ White Ribbon campaign.

For too long, men haven’t been brought up to ask for help when they’re struggling. Now, a group of young men are leading the change in dramatic fashion. 

A dog owner is raising new concerns about poisoning, after the deaths of three more dogs.

Sharing music with the world

Tuesday November 05, 2019

Twenty-two University of Melbourne music students have visited Rarotonga and Aitutaki to collaborate with local musicians to share Cook Islands beats with the world.

As a way of ensuring that Cook Islands border is protected, outer island agriculture officers are undergoing a special training to be part of the biosecurity team.

The SPCA is calling for education for dog owners and for planters using pesticide pellets, to prevent accidental poisoning.

Dengue infections in visitors

Monday November 04, 2019

Two tourists visiting the country from French Polynesia have been confirmed to have been diagnosed with the dengue type 2 (DENV – 2) virus.

Court briefs

Monday November 04, 2019

Hefty fine for excess alcohol

 A man who exceeded the alcohol limit for driving has been convicted and fined $450 by the High Court.

If your kids need surgery at Rarotonga Hospital this month, the woman caring for them will be a familiar face: former Cook Islands Olympic Games flagbearer Ella Nicholas. Losirene Lacanivalu pays her a visit at the hospital.

Glass crusher for Rarotonga's landfill

Saturday November 02, 2019

Rarotonga’s landfull has been waiting for years for a suitable glass crusher. Now, Rarotonga’s landfill will finally be cleared of glass bottles.

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