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AGRICULTURE Minister Kiriau Turepu has asked the Esther Honey Foundation to provide his ministry with evidence as to how the alleged weed killer paraquat (Gramoxone) leads to animal poisoning.

POLICE will maintain an increased presence from now onwards as they work to ensure the safety of Rarotonga residents.

CONCERNS have been raised by residents of Ngatangiia and Muri and about the condition of roads in the area

AVARUA School’s headmistress Engia Baxter is calling on former students, teachers, parents and supporters of the school to attend the school’s centennial meeting this afternoon.

ESTHER  Honey Foundation volunteer Kelsey Hayden has not regretted her decision to help out at the Esther Honey Foundation.

HAVING just celebrated her 92nd birthday last month, Sarah Tupou Tina Marsters has two pieces of advice for young people – have a positive attitude towards life and always eat balanced meals.

MENTAL health awareness workshops will be organised by Te Kainga Mental Health on Mitiaro and Aitutaki today.

A cruel act

Monday May 23, 2016

ESTHER Honey Foundation manager Jo Taylor Kupu has called for government intervention and public awareness about cruelty to animals after tourists found a sack containing two abandoned puppies.

Online effort to raise funds

Friday May 20, 2016

Te Uki Ou School is hoping to raise about $20,000 on its online fundraising drive headlined, “Win a Trip to Raro.”

ELIJAH Communications chief executive Jeanne Matenga-Isamaela has welcomed New Zealand’s move to provide the Cook Islands with high quality television content.

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