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Cook Islands women’s representation in Parliament is an encouraging sign of progress in the Pacific.

Day 54: 78 days to go

Wednesday March 27, 2019

James Talbot has 78 more days left to walk the Te Araroa Trail to raise $300,000 for the Creative Centre in Rarotonga.

James Talbot continues his Creative Trail walk through the Te Araroa Trail in New Zealand aiming to raise $300,000.

83 more days to go for Talbot

Monday March 25, 2019

Creative Trail walker James Talbot has 83 more days to walk the Te Areroa Trail in New Zealand to complete the 3200 kilometres walk.

A man who was found guilty for a charge of intent to cause grievous bodily harm was sentenced to two years and nine-months imprisonment by the Cook Islands High Court yesterday.

A 24-year-old man was sentenced to 18-months’ probation and has been warned by the Cook Islands High Court if he re-offends he would face imprisonment.

New Zealand’s well-known transgender personality, Mary Haddock-Staniland and husband William Staniland, an executive with New Zealand Rail, are currently on Rarotonga to mark their five-year wedding anniversary.

Determined Talbot completes 872kms

Thursday March 21, 2019

Creative Trail walker James Talbot continues his journey on the Te Araroa Trail of 3200 kilometres in New Zealand and has completed 873 kilometres.

Talbot is aiming to raise $300,000 for the Creative Centre in Rarotonga and through the Creative Trail Feb 2019 Give a Little page he has currently raised $8,910 from 136 donors.

He made it to Waiau Hut walking 25kilometres yesterday in 7.25 hours.

On his social page, Talbot said that this was the second highest peak of the trail and he made it to the top and over. It was his toughest climb. He called himself a mountaineer!

On Day 47 of his walk, Talbot was at Hurunui Hut where he walked 23 kilometres and the next day he walked 23.9 kilometres in 8.25 hours to reach Hope Halfway Hut for the weekend.

He went on to Boyle Village Cabin where he made it to Boyle Village Outdoor Recreational Centre walking 19.4 kilometres in 6.25 hours.

Talbot said the track to Boyle Village was through a forest where it was nothing too serious or difficult with grasslands over the top of the hill until arriving at the Windy point carpark.

“Then it was all road walking to Boyle ... ankle is sore again.”

He said: “Met Nick and Carolyn who run the place, got my resupply box (they normally charge $20) for free when I mentioned the Creative Trail. Asked about accommodation and payment and they had a small bunk room for $20, plus food.

Talbot said he made plans for the next five days where he would be crossing Waiau Pass which needs to be in good weather.

He later made it to Anne Hut where he walked 28 kilometres in 9.25 hours.

He is expected to be in Wellington in early April.

$800 fine for having bong

Thursday March 21, 2019

Nooroa Manarangi appeared before Chief Justice Sir Hugh Williams QC for sentencing at the Cook Islands High Court yesterday. Manarangi entered a guilty plea to one count of possessing a utensil for smoking marijuana.

Tepuna Motors manager, Ravin Chand, is urging the public to come forward on any news they may have of the whereabouts of his daughter who has been missing since Tuesday morning.

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