Anneka Brown

Anneka Brown

The Australians have done it again and this time it’s our country’s name they can’t pronounce.

Now it’s do-or-die

Tuesday September 03, 2019

Fiji U19 women’s football team dominated the Cook Islands in a thrilling and intense encounter yesterday afternoon.

Cook Islands’ renowned whale expert Nan Hauser is calling for greater awareness around whale protection in the hope of developing legal protections.

A large mound of plastic ropes was dragged in from the reef in Turangi by a family of tourists after they discovered the debris caught in the reef while they were walking down the beach.

Behind scenes with MPs

Monday September 02, 2019

Democratic Party members will be better prepared after undertaking a workshop to understand their roles as Parliamentarians of the Cook Islands.

Cooks triumph in home debut

Sunday September 01, 2019

The Cook Islands team stood strong from start to finish in a close game against Vanuatu – a bold start to their women's World Cup dreams.

The jewel in the northern crown, Manihiki is determined to rebuild its once-thriving pearl farming industry in the face of global competition, falling prices and diminishing supply. 

Secret donor shades turtles

Saturday August 31, 2019

New turtle society Te Ara O Te Onu, is making headway with turtle research in Rarotonga with a goal to find out what the turtle population looks like in our waters.

U19 Cook Islands footballer Keana Maaka is nursing a sprained knee – but it would take more than that to stop her competing in the football contest, kicking off today.

A “faith healer” charged with indecently assaulting a female patient has asked to be allowed to return home to Cook Islands.

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