Rashneel Kumar

Rashneel Kumar

Waterworks will clean up tap water

Wednesday April 29, 2020

Rarotonga residents will have to wait until the commissioning of the new water system to get regular clear water, authorities say.

Parliament sits to pass Covid law

Wednesday April 29, 2020

Parliament has announced a special sitting tomorrow afternoon, to pass changes to the Covid-19 emergency powers.

A local company selling eco-friendly cleaning products has started an initiative to minimise plastic waste being sent to the Arorangi landfill.

Strict quarantine conditions

Monday April 27, 2020

The first cohort of 130 Cook Islands residents have settled in comfortably at their quarantine facility in Auckland.

Sarah Marsters comes from a family with a big history. She has spent her life with people with strong personalities like her famous first husband Tom Neale – but the 96-year-old from an island of just 35 people has never been overshadowed. 

Even businesses who do not qualify for government’s wage subsidy or grants are advised to register with the responsible agencies, in case they need to claim assistance in the future.

One small step for a Mama

Friday April 24, 2020

Golden Oldies enter managed isolation at Holiday Inn, ‘comfortable and enjoying the wifi’. 

Complaints of resorts using workers as free labour prompts warning of enforcement action if anyone rips off wage subsidy.

Meet the cash collector

Thursday April 23, 2020

Cook Islands’ best-known cash collector isn’t Revenue Management Division. The honour goes to a restaurateur in Arorangi – and now, he’s offering one of his Cook Islands $3 notes to the widow of the man who designed them.

Travellers to the Pa Enua will undergo dengue checks at the Rarotonga airport.

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